About Us

City Sweets began in the kitchen of Mark and Karol Sherling in 2005. Always one to be creative, Karol tried her hand at making cookies for one of her children's school activities. Little did she realize that special treat would spark a love for all things decorated! It wasn't long before friends and family were wanting their own treats. Karol was soon known for desserts that were as delicious as they were beautiful. It wasn't long before the entire family was involved. Mark and Karol never lost site of their need to be available for their children and had to turn many customers away to focus on the family. 

Fast forward to 2018, their oldest child has graduated college, two are in college and their youngest is preparing to graduate high school. After much prayer and consideration, Mark and Karol decided to move out of their home and into a retail location. But two things will never change, their desire to make every customer a lifelong friend and their desire to keep God and their family first.

Our Mission

City Sweets seeks to honor God by impacting the lives of employees, customers and community.

We believe that God is the owner of City Sweets, we are simply the stewards He has chosen to care for it.